We provide a range of software and hardware products suitable for business use, rather than deal with multiple vendors ACNS can help you with both your product procurement and your ongoing IT support to ensure your IT infrastructure setup runs efficiently and trouble free. 


Websites and Intranets 

A website is one of a business’s most cost effective marketing tool, we can develop a site that represent your brand online and help convert browsers into buyers. We also do company intranet sites, web applications, custom CRM systems and online shops.            


Microsoft Windows Software 

We are qualified Microsoft Small Business Specialist and with over 10 years’ experience in installing, configuring and maintaining you windows based IT infrastructure.             


Business Email - Exchange server or Office 365      


We can provide you with a suitable business grade email system and configure for remote access via webmail and mobile devices such as iPhones an Blackberries, we specialise in Microsoft Exchange. 


Virus protection and anti-spam solutions 

Modern day viruses can be complex and once they infect an operating system they can severely compromise you computers security. We are Symantec & Trend Micro business partners, in most cases we can either repair your system to 100% working order or backup and restore your data to a fresh windows install.            


CRM systems in the cloud 

With high speed Internet and mobile devices being common place cloud based CRM systems with access from any location with Internet makes keeping your business organised & productive easy. It offers the convenience of having access to critical business data available 24/7 from the home or office and integration with Tablet PCs and mobile phones can improve efficiency and reduce paperwork and data entry. We provide custom solutions tailored to your business needs.                 


Computer, laptop and tablet 

With a trend towards mobile computing and portability with can give you unbiased advice on purchasing a new laptop or tablet pc, and give you comparisons between different, brands based on performance, weight and battery life.         

We are an Intel partner and have the resources to do custom built desktops for you requirements or supply one from a manufacturer such as HP, IBM      


Printers & Multi-Functions            

We provide, configure and maintain a range of printers and multi-functions, we can help set you up with a paperless office and offer you the convenience of scan to email to improve office productivity. 


VOIP phone systems       

A VOIP phone system can not only result in a lower phone bills but provides you with a range of extra features such as message banks, message to email, call groups and forwarding and the ability to create menu systems to help manage and direct your calls to the correct person or department.           


 Having a dedicated or sever either in your physical location or hosted in the cloud is a common part of any business's it infrastructure, we are Microsoft Certified Specialists with over decade of experience with small business servers (SBS) installation and maintenance.          


IT Network Devices          

We supply all the hardware to setup your IT Network including, cabling, routers, VPNs, routers, switches and firewalls.             

"Our work with Mark and his team aimed to increase our office productivity. We were thrilled when the online program resulted in 80% reduction of data entry in the first 6 months. That was beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goal."

- Jorge Uzabeaga